Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact, we want to meet with you before we even start talking about money. Websites are not potato chips. We can’t reach into a bag and pull out a finished site that will be all you wish it could be. Simple solutions like this have quite a bit in common with the potato chip/junk food analogy. Our process involves an in depth meeting (or meetings) to figure out what all you want and need your site to do. 

No. We do not force you to sign a contract with us. Whether it’s web design, hosting, search engine optimization, or any of our standard services…no contract is required.

You do. We want you to be with us because you want to work with us, not because you’re bound by contract or fearful you’ll lose your site if you leave. We are a North Iowa based company that does no traditional advertising, but is as busy as we’ve ever been. We maintain this by doing exceptional work at affordable prices and building and maintaining a good word of mouth reputation and strong, satisfied customer base.

Glad you asked. Click here to fill out a support ticket to get help. This is the easiest, most effective way to get help.

We’re here to help. You can pay your invoice online by going here.  If you forgot your username, don’t panic. Your username is the email address that your invoices go to.
To reset your password, go here.

Yes. You could find a domain name (website address) that fits your business and register now. Go here to do that.  Age of the domain is a factor in determining your search engine standing.

No. Every website we build is a responsive website. This means the site automatically resizes and reconfigures to fit on different screens on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. This is a standard feature that is included with every site WebWise makes, at no additional cost.

That depends on a couple of things. How complex is your project? How heavy is our current workload? And how quickly can you get us the information, pictures, logos, etc that we need to build the site. Part of our process includes several creative meetings and status updates to help keep the project on track. An average website is completed in two to four months.

You will be a part of this process. You know your business better than we ever could. Your input, tastes, and design ideas are a critical part of this process.

Part of our service includes providing training on how to make routine changes to your site. We are also here to help you make routine changes. This is part of the service you receive with your annual hosting payment. More complicated changes (new pages, new major features, or anything that we have to buy for your site) will involve a charge that we will get approval for before making changes.

We assume you’re talking about Archer. No, he is not actually a company partner. He’s more of a mascot. He has no voting power in the company and has yet to complete a single project. He is, however, adorable.

That’s great news. You can contact us by going here. We’ll then work out a time where we can all meet together and figure out exactly what the right kind of website…or other service..is right for you.